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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TGO Challenge 2010 More Rescued Photies

I knew it would rain - Glen Dessary
Here’s a few more – basically this is the second day during which, despite early morning sunshine, I decided to go forth Eastwardsly instead of too much in the Upwardsly direction.glen dessary
Strangely strange and a bit odd to say that this time I was proved right and it rained.
I walked to Loch Arkaig, put the tent up in another shower and dozed off.
There was little excitement apart from the energetic nature of some of the showers and some right lazy cows sitting on the path. Luckily these were docile despite being heavily armed in the horn department. Beats being heavily horny in the arm department as its important to be well focused on the job in hand on a long walk like this.
I wonder what I’m talking about sometimes….
lazy cows
there may be trouble ahead....
Not much distance was covered yet oddly odd and a bit strangely, I was now about half a day ahead of myself.
signs of the times
I think there must have been a time/space continuum problem during the night or something.
loch arkaig
The pictures are roughly in sequence.
sleepy dreamy snoozy time
Despite the lack of effort, I said hello to my first blister.
During the night I arrived at Queen Street Station without my backpack which I must have left in the kitchen at home. The train driver said he’d wait but I’d have to be quick, so I went back for it. No sign of Kylie. Surely she knows how important this walk is…..?


The Weekend Dude said...

Great to see you managed to salvage some of the snaps. Best souvenirs you can have - apart from the memories of course

Mike Knipe said...

My memory is terrible!
I was pretty chuffed about the pictures, though..