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Monday, 31 May 2010

TGO Challenge – First day Piccies

thats sgurr na ciche that is
These are some of the saved pictures from the first day of my TGO Challenge (Did I mention that this was my tenth and that I’m a Leg End now and that you need permission  to even gaze upon my beautiful shadow?
I feel sick just looking at this
Anyway – I went on the boat from Mallaig to Inverie, had a brief pint and a temporary carrot soup and wandered along for a bit with Laura who has that blog that mainly comes from France.
Then she got fed up of the fart jokes and went off towards Barrisdale shaking her head and muttering something about finding a way of getting away from this set of nutters….
Laura leaving for Barrisdale
Then I went up a big pass, meeting Gordon Green going the other way in search of beer (he wasn’t on the Challenge) and down the other side which was very squiggly and had views of scary places.
some knoydart
Then  over a wobbly bridge (my kids would have been interested in this at one point in their careers as apprentice Knipes.)
wobbly bridge notice
bridge in use
Then me and another lad and his partner who was scoffing pear drops got a bit damp in the trousers in a bog. You have to think very light thoughts in a bog.
And then I had a brew at Sourlies and went up the Bealach a Mhaim pass, meeting Cameron McNeish on the way. It grew late. Everybody else was camping by this time.
a camp near sourlies
Eventually, as the rain started, I put up the akto, had a wee and settled down for “dinner” (important inverted commas here…)
Then I ate some rehydrated gunge which was reasonably tasty, drank some scotch and dozed off for about 14 hours.
This was a typical TGO day for me. I won’t go on about it in future blog posts.
Failed to re-engineer Kylie’s lingerie during the night but I did meet Yasser Arafat who was playing base guitar to my strident power chords. Was it The scotch or the Thai Green Curry?
Attentive readers will have noticed that I put the pictures in between the text in a fairly random and illogical manner.
More later – probably tomorrow if it rains. If it doesn’t rain, I’m going to destroy the big elderberry bush in my Mum’s back yard. (Note that the preceding sentence isn’t any kind of code or cipher, I am really going to cut up a bush.  However you say that, though, it will always sound bad, I suppose.)

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