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Saturday, 5 June 2010

The TGO Tale Continues Further

Thanks to the generosity of fellow TGO Challengers, I have just nicked off with 27 pictures. These belong to Peewiglet, Andrew Walker, Marion and Mike Parsons and Adrian.  Jean Turner is looking in her photo collections and may well be able to fill in a gap.
I’ve already added one Mike/Marion Parsons picture to the “Disaster Looms” blogpost.  I’ll hang on for a bit to see if Jean finds anything, then we will be marching manfully  up the Minigaig, forging over the Feshie, carousing at Callater and peripatetically pedestrianising in Prosen  (sorry about the last one….)
Needless to say, I’m chuffed to bits about this.
(c) Andrew Walker
Ginger biscuits as eye protection at Mar Lodge (Can’t be too careful) Courtesy of Andrew Walker
Its just like the Challenge – it gets a bit difficult for a bit, then, maybe with a bit of support (bless ‘em…sniff….) it becomes clear that a finish is likely.
Watch this space.

Not that one, this one…..  dhuhh….


Louise said...

I've just bought a solo tent and if I ever get to do a solo Challenge and post one of those photos of a congregation of tents with the caption, "My tent is the green one", you'll know which one is mine. It's GREEN!
Looking forward to the continuation of your account by default, it's been a giggle so far.

Mike Knipe said...

You'll have plenty of opportunities for that particular picture, Louise, although I did notice a few other colours creeping in this year. More TGO stuff later - once I've started, I just can't stop.
There will be a short hiatus, however.

Helen Fisher said...

Please hurry! This is such a giggle :O)

Mike Knipe said...

Patience, Helen. We are awaiting a picture search from Jean Turner. I don't want to rush her.
Lots of fun and goodies coming up though.....