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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dens and Horses

dens and horses 003

I had a little trundle into Kittie’s wood at Crook today. This is land reclaimed from opencasting and also from Pease’s Roddymoor pit and brickworks. There’s a lot of industrial archeology in here – mainly bricks with the  word “Pease” stamped into them and various bits of iron and old heaps of clinker and ash…..


But now its a pleasant bit of woodland with a vast array of wildflowers around the edges. (I only took a picture of the buttercups… but there are others…) And horses. There’s loads of horses.

And then I came across what can only be described as a  “den”, or at least an ex- den. Then there was another. then there was one dug seven or eight feet into the shale of an old spoil heap. Then more. Each one signified by cut, burned and dead trees, lager  tins and empty bottles of that ‘orrible white cider that impecunious alcoholics drink, and old hearths and burned and general rubbish.

den one den 2

dens 3 dens 4

This is what I think:

I think the local eejits have been watching Ray Mears programs and decided to go off into the woods and “survive” Part of this survival appears to be the lighting of a big fire and then getting rat-arsed on very cheap and nasty alcohol.

There is no evidence that they tried to snare and kill anything – most of the local animals being horses as it happens….  but the damage done to the local trees is remarkable.

Incidentally,there’s nothing wrong with getting rat-arsed by the way, but lets have just a little bit of style fer  evvans sake…)

Clearly , they are a set of twats (lets not be generous eh?)

I have a bit of a problem with yer bush whackers or whatever they call themselves. It all seems really really pointless…

If this was a forum, I’d be a troll….

another horse

Incidentally – the horse in the very first picture – worra sweetie – I stroked her muzzle and scratched behind her ears and she dozed off. Like putty in me hands, she was…  Bless her lickle hooves….



peewiglet said...


Heh... wanna wrestle?

Mike Knipe said...

Thats right, Wigling, rat arsed....
aka kaylied - or, in Co Durham - "mortal"....

Wrestling can be a pleasant enough way to spend an evening I suppose....

James Boulter said...

I will second the twat description. That white cider stuff is not nicknamed 'White frightning' for nowt!

Steven Horner said...

I wandered through the wood last week (about 200 yards from my door) and couldn't believe the number of camps and fires there were. If they cleared up after themselves I wouldn't mind. I picked up some rubbish but I'd of been on all day clearing it all up.

As I wandered out of the wood there were loads of kids throwing stuff around and drinking lager (must be classier twats).

I was walking through the wood looking for Birch on the ground that wasn't too old but it looks like the wood must of been thinned in the last year. I can't remember being able to see so far into it.

If you happen to see any greenish Birch lying about let me know, hoping to carve something.

Mike Knipe said...

Thanks James and Stephen - I'd forgotten this is your very own back yard, Stephen.
I'll keep a lookout for green birch, but ask the Rangers at Co Durham - specially whoever it is that looks after Waldridge Fell, as they're always cutting birch, otherwise it would take over the place.

ukmase said...

or in Aartlepool.....blaked

Why dont these people just buy a bushbuddy.....jeez i went from wannabee to Bear Grylls overnight with that purchase.

Mike Knipe said...

I thought a bush buddy was a feminine hair grooming device..
Anyway, what were Bare Girls mum and dad thinking...?
And is it true his brother is called Bacon?