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Friday, 25 June 2010

Another intermission


The car’s not ready. I have access to another. I am going to Wales.

In the meantime – here’s Fiona Apple and Elvis Costello. This is fckn brill….. watch it til the end, you have nothing better to do….   Ae Fond Kiss modernised..



Mark said...

Shiver me timbers - she really inhabits that song. It's one of my favourite EC songs and I wouldn't have believed that anyone else could do it justice until you pointed me in that direction.
Have a good time in Wales. Although - if you are reading's probably hope you had a good time in Wales?

Mike Knipe said...

Thats what I thought, Mark..

This is me going to Wales by the way...

Tykelad said...

She's good but she's no Posh Spice.

(For which we should all be eternally grateful)