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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


b runo and tammy

I find myself without personal transport at the moment, and the wife has gone off to visit her Dad in Halifax for a few days, so I have to dog sit (careful!) not just superdawg, who doesn’t really need dogsitting, but also Tammy our veteran and ever-so-slightly senile mongrel.

To be fair, Tammy spends most of her time asleep and, as she’s as deaf as a brick, doesn’t wake up unless you actually make a determined effort to wake her. But I wouldn’t want to leave her alone for too long.

So, I’m stuck as far as the walking is concerned. I can do local ones, but that’s it.

I will make it to a hilltop to witness the dawn after the solstice and I guess I’ll have to walk there and bivi till the sunrises. (Maggie will have returned by then…)  There may be others there too, we’ll have to see…

In the meantime, the car gets fixed on the 24th of June. I could drive it, but it might stop working as far as steering is concerned, which is a bit of a contra-indicator as it happens.

There are economic benefits to waiting till then. Its a long story. There might well be a rant about it quite soon.

I ought to be bothered about it, but I’m not really….

In the meantime, I’m planning to attend an Over the Hill Club “do” at Bettws y Coed followed by a few days in the Brecon Beacons for the hillbagging – provided I’ve got a car, obviously.


Meanqueen said...

I am also stuck, still got the car, but dog sitting Ben till Friday, then Henry comes for eight days. So it's local walking for me as well. I'm overnight at Osmotherley on Mon 28th, anywhere near you?

Mike Knipe said...

You can see Osmotherley from the hill above Our House!
Its about forty five minutes from here - so not too far.
I ought to be in Brecon by then.
If not - gizzawave (north by north-west)