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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Mud Pie Spectre Not seen In Lead Mine - Latest

Working on a rumour that one of the lesser-known holes in the ground in South Tynedale was haunted by the spirit of “t’owd man”* or , possibly some kind of underground demonic trog of the kind that used to have hit records back in the sixties. We determined to go and investigate and report our findings to Derek Acorah (apparently all of this chap’s ghosties have Scotty road accents…)
But, this spirit, or sprite sits in a far distant cavern and chucks mud pies at passing explorers. Then it follows the hapless cavers down the passage as they make their escape, growling and muttering curses; something about being accused of cheating at a World Mud Pie Chucking Contest back in the days men were men and mud was muddier than it is now, and Z Cars was on the telly.
This underground spirit is supposed to be wearing a pointed hat and ski-goggles , which, I agree with you, is unlikely in the extreme. But never mind, we explored for a kilometre or so of, sometimes shaky passage with an open mind. Not a good idea to be going poking metal poles at the roof in some spots inside this hole… as if anybody would….
As you can see from the photos, absolutely nothing was found. Each of the photos taken is, as you would expect, completely blank. The pic taken at the entrance is peculiarly blank
I don’t believe in stuff like that anyway….
Intelligent people aren’t supposed to be able to see anything anyway, it’s only supposed to appear to “special” people.
But we had a good time. The water in the mine is specially chilly and has unfortunate effects once it gets up around the waist. There’s also a hundred metres or so of very soft and deep mud. Lovely stuff, but it effectively removes your boots. Good exercise, though. The hole ends after about a kilometre in a small cavern with some kind of tank full of water in it.
At various points there are also shafts going up into the ceiling and/or down into the ground, one of which has a stream of daylight. (Unless you go down there at night. If you do this, though, you will need a torch.)
We finished off by paddling up Ash Gill. We would have swum up, but the water was perishing cold.
We repaired to the Miners Arms at Nenthead for a sip of tepid water and the lickings of a crisp packet.

* T’owd man (The old man) is the term usually used to refer to lead miners of old in a kind of generic way. You are always reminded of their presence in the past by their industry and, sometimes their graffiti or bits and pieces they left behind.


Old Winter said...

That is very much a "rather you than me" activity. Looks like you were having a good deal of fun however.

mike knipe said...

These events are usually a bit of a blast, and if there was a top ten of silly expeditions, this would be right up there.
It does feel just a bit dangerous at times, though.
But it beats wasting away in a nursing home, I expect.

Martin Rye said...

You got shares in Persil ? Mud, mud and more mud. Most likly you'll need Daz as well to get the kit clean.

mike knipe said...

Mud, mud glorious mud.... Its fab. Mud's good. Bubbly mud, seeping up yer shorts.
Thats enough mud for a bit, actually...