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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Loose Ends

I'm having a bit of a hiatus or gap between activities at the moment (makes me feel like a real outdoor blogger!) - so I just thought I'd reflect on the fact that for anybody who is considering applying for the 2010 TGO Challenge - the October issue of TGO Magazine, with the TGO Challenmge application form comes out in..... September.

And its very nearly September.

I for two are looking forward to the TGO cycle of applications and route submissions and vetters comments and those interesting and fairly predictable rows on the TGO forum when some eejit asks for GPS co-ordinates for Waverley station or any suggestions as to how to get out of Plockton and which way to head after that, with a list of all the best camping spots please and an idea as to whether or not the walking is easy or difficult.

And it'll inevitably snow like buggerry in the Highlands in April and one or two venerable Challengers will breathe their last (hopefully not me as this should be my tenth) and there'll be a cheese and wine party with no cheese and various pre-walk daunders and stuff like that.

Lightweighters kit will work magnificently but yet most of them will fail to arrive in Montrose.

I'll be going lightweight next year. I've got my pack down to just 0.5 kg without the rucksack or any food or underpants. if I stock it up, it goes up to 14 kg, though. I just don't know what to do.... Ive got a spork.... Its lime green. Should I cut my tent pegs in half or discard the inner of the akto and call it a tarp?

But, on your tenth, you get an automatic place on the Chally - unless you really insult somebody or something - so this leads to a certain expectation, and, therefore, pressure, to make sure you take part AND get to Montrose. What if I don't? What if I can't?


Life on the sofa has certain attractions.....


Old Winter said...

You have not got the hang of this lightweight business at all.

Your tent peg IS a spork, as well as your poo shovel. Give it a quick sharpen and it should triple up as a knife.

If you are going to ask, "how can I eat under a pitched tent" your just going to have to accept your too much of a softie to be a lightweight.

Martin Rye said...

Is it that time again. I best take the wife out shopping and for a nice meal (on top of all the ones I do anyway of course ;) ) Then mention if she would be OK while I go walking for two weeks. I will see you at the end if not before hopefully.

John Hee said...

Damn - that means its make-up-my-mind time again.

Could I be the first to deliberately try the new HeavyweightApproach for a first.

mike knipe said...

If I use my peg for a spork AND a poo shovel (us middle class typees actually use trowels in fact) - is that hygenic and won't part of my tent..tarp fall down.
Really lightweighters just use a fully loaded credit card, of course.
Well, Martin and John - Good Boy Points may well need to be earned and important decisions made.
Hopefully, all will turn out for the best next year and we'll all have a lovely shindig in Montrose.
We keep our fingers and toes crossed (or, probably crubeens if you're a small pig)

James Boulter said...

You can't be a proper outdoor blogger and do outside stuff as well, I don't think that is allowed!

To post this comment I have to type the word 'amispav' what is that exactly?

With the TGO challenge I will just apply and mention it to the other half afterwards...........

mike knipe said...

amispav? must be one o' them anagram things. Or it could be a new name for the co-op insurance company....
Its not somethingt Ive done!
No idea.
Why tell the wife at all James?
When you get back just say you've been playing pub darts and if she asks why you were away so long, tell her it was an away match.