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Friday, 28 August 2009

Dartmoor - The Next Big Thing

I've decided to spend my last remaining Good Boy Points on a little trip to Dartmoor.

I haven't planned any of this yet, so there's a chance for any Dartmoor experts or afficianados out there to make suggestions about -well, about anything, really. I will consider just about anything.

The skeleton of my plan so far is this:

Catch a train to Exeter and then a bus to Okehampton (gives me a chance to walk a linear route and its cheaper than driving anyway)

Walk South (ish), bagging Yes Tor on the way.

I can spend about four, maybe five days walking.

Camping after Okehampton wil be wild.

I intend to look at the map fairly soon!

Bruno can't come as he refuses to carry 5 tins of doggy chunks and there's the small matter of the smell. He complains about the smell....

And thats about it, really...

Any contributions to the trip (other than company!) - for example, interesting places, views, tors, tops or whatever to be included - are welcome - lets see if anything transpires.

A pic of Dartmoor isn't included in this posting as I've never been before, but there's a pic of something else. Probably a dog having a think.


Martin Rye said...

Just remember that some parts are off limits sometimes due to the need to blow things up and shout a lot (including swearing) saying get up that hill you little '**$% and engage the enemy.

Apart from that it is a fantastic place to walk. I reckon your goal should include Ten Tors and a pint, or two at Postbridge.

Old Winter said...

Before the 15th of Sept I presume, or the military are going to have a say in your wanderings for sure.

It is an old site now but always found this handy inspiration:

And this one is the mother of all Dartmoor sites:

John Hee said...

Plenty of ideas on my last few trips hopefully
(Archive: April 09; July 08; June 08)

If you take it steadily a 2 night w/camp crossing S to Ivybridge Railway is one option, or just turn around somewhere near Red Clay Pit and head back to Okie a different way.

The Grey Wethers stone circles is a definite must. Try to avoid anywhere near Princetown - most of the walks/wildcamping around there will be too busy and no fun

Drop me an e-mail if I can help, and we can have a chat on the phone to answer any questions.

mike knipe said...

Thanks lads - this is so useful, in fact, that I've had to postpone my trip till November because of the blowing things up and shouting... I had planned to start on 15 September (doh!) I can;t go before cos I've got other stuff I've promised to do, and the next opportunity will be from 9 November.
So, November it is.
This gives me plenty of time to see if any more good suggetsions come in. I have taken accoun t of the info so far and John, I'll likely take up your offer of a chat in due course, when I've got a bit more of a plan.
So far so good.... (aart from the explosions in Sept)

mike knipe said...

Oooer - Just realised (cos I iz fick about this stuff) that I've now got a week diaried in September and nowhere to go!
I'll have to go somewhere - wouldn't want to set a precedent...thinks......