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Saturday, 1 August 2009

August Howgills in Doodlecat

I just had an email from Lord Elpus to say that the absolute final episode of the Howgills sago has now been repainted, vaccuumed out, polished up and de-greased and is now appearing over at

This is, no doubt, some great relief to Phil and, he appears to have celebrated the fact by installing a new kitchen, thus earning a great big pile of Good Boy Points.

I hope he spends them wisely, I really do.

Just one thing about the August edition. It has more than one walk in it. Don't stop reading after the first, unless you are asleep or in a Howgill-induced catatonic Carry on bravely till the very end.

There will be a test at the end of term. Anybody who gets less than 25% will have to visit my rooms for a thrashing with my pet plimsole, Ronny.

Anyway. its finished. Over. Ended.


To celebrate, and by way of distraction, I've included here a short video which has fluffy kittens and some pigs and stuff.


John J said...

Gawd, I remember 'Jollity Farm' being on the wireless-type radio...a long time ago. This must mean I'm old. If you come across 'Biggles Wartime Band' go and see them, they do a superb 'Jollity Farm'...and lots of other completely insane stuff.

mike knipe said...

I had a shortlist of three songs for this post:
Death Cab for Cutie (features The Beatles)
Give Booze a Chance Bonzo/Ruttles
Canyons of Your Mind
Maybe I'll use the others later....
I'll check out the Biggles band after I've pressed "send" on this comment.

kenny said...

The Bonzo's !!!! Brilliant. I used to listen to their stuff when I was at high school.

OK I'm off to read the post now, shallow person that I am.

kenny said...

For some reason your blog doesn't seem to recognise my wordpress account Mike. Any ideas?

You been trying to keep me out (lol).

mike knipe said...

Nobody's banned or blocked, Kenny.
There is just a delay on comments appearing till I've moderated them.
Apart from that, ITS THE BONZO's.
I might put the "Give Booze a Chance" vid in somewhere....

mike knipe said...

Is it still doing whatever it wasn't doing, Kenny??
Or is it better?
(Note that comments won't appear straight away as I have tovet them. Don't mention vetting to the dog, by the way....)

fatdogwalks said...

Why have I not been banned? Things like that can damage my street cred. (lol).

It wasn't the delay for vetting Mike - it just wouldn't recognise my Open ID for WordPress.

I'll try it again.

PS the dog isn't impressed - the word vetting accidentally slipped out.

kenny said...

Aaargh! It's doing it again!

Open ID error!

mike knipe said...

I've no idea , Kenny. What we need is a Greek. Sorry, that should read "geek"

mike knipe said...

Justathought - I wonder if anybody over on "outdoorbloggers" might have a clue.
But, despite the error message, your comments seem to be getting through.
Maybe we should report the error message in any case, cos its annoying, apart from anything else.