Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Howden le Wear Walk 2

near white house farm
The second out of three short Howden le Wear walks.  Attentive readers will remember that there are three walks around Howden that are published in a County Council set of leaflets concerning short walks around Howden le Wear. And I’m checking them out for the Rights of Way peeps at the Council as part of my Lone Rangering activities along with my trusty dawg, Bruno the superdawg aka Tonto.
not silver kimo sabe
And so, we eventually dragged ourselves away form the fire and into the slippery and misty thaw and, once again, we slithered off down the bridle road to Howden.
Walk 2 coincides with the Crook Around the Compass South walk for a time, and also uses the bridle road.
Its quite a nice walk and passes an interesting mine tip (only interesting for those who find such things interesting, obviously…). This particular tip is fairly small but what appears to be the fishplate sticking out of the black shale of the heap indicates an underground railway, which probably means an extensive mine. There’s nothing much to show on the surface, apart from the heap – just a few large stones with some embedded iron work and, of course, the public footpaths which lead to it and form most of our walk today.
No mine, no paths, I suspect.
Very foggy today, although a weak bit of sunshine told me that not too far up the hill there was probably a very nice temperature inversion, warm sun, cloud sea, blue skies.
bridle road sign
The walk is just two miles starting and finishing at Howden le Wear Community centre. I did four, cos I walked there from Knipe Towers, along the bridle road, in fact.
One more Howden walk to do.
howden 2


Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning photos, don't know which I like best, the first or the second. Great!

Mike Knipe said...

Really? I thought they were a bit murky! The horse was very friendly, but horse snot on the lens is a bit of an issue....