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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Crook Around The Compass – West

deerness valley walk start
Well, this just about wraps it up for Crook around the compass. This walk was much like the others in the series – a very nice little trundle around snowy fields (I expect its not always this way) – but with a clumsy description. I got off route just the once and there was some minor trouble with some gorse, a missing footpath sign or two and a bit of route which could do with some of those little yellow waymarker signs you stick on fences…
crook west 002
But, as me and superdawg prepared for this walk (by having a late morning nap, followed by lunch and quite a lot of coffee) – we couldn’t help but notice, partly by the BBC News and partly by the view out of the window, that it was in fact, deep mid winter outside and a frosty wind was making moan. And we noticed, through our powers of observation, that the ground was as hard as iron and any water that was around was like a stone. This was lucky cos otherwise we’d have got really muddy on this walk.
We didn’t particularly notice and Cherubim or Seraphim by the way, but some very large East Coast snow shower clouds did build up towards sunset.
Anyway, its a good walk – ideal for a summer’s evening.
east coast shower clouds
The walk is four miles, but I did five and Bruno did about thirty as he was bouncing around in the snow quite a bit.
I’ve suggested to the County that these four short walks around Crook could be put into the summer guided walks programme as evening walks for people who are just starting to go for walks….  this way, I get to lead walks at a nice Knipey, beta blocky sort of pace and we can celebrate afterwards in the Farrer’s Arms.
Howden le Wear walks are next for inspection.
crook west


Alan Sloman said...

Sunshine! I had forgotten there was such a thing - it's been a right gloomy freezing cold here in East Angular.

Word = "blastal" - I'll get my tin hat

Mike Knipe said...

Ashley, Alan (may I call you Ashley by the way?) Ashley - it was minus 3C, but it felt fairly warm in the sunshine. It were nithering when the sun went down, though.

Steven Horner said...

It's always strange to see places I've walked all my life on your blog. You're certainly right about it being boggy when not frozen but that's part of the fun.