Friday, 31 December 2010

Beechburn and Enginemans Terrace – Howden le Wear

beechburn beck
This is walk 3 of the series. I said there were three walks. I’d forgotten about the bonus walk, so there’ll be another one.
This walk follows a section of the little valley of Beechburn Beck. (Beechburn and Bitchburn seem to be interchangeable here) This little valley is very pleasant. The walk returns to Howden on an old road which runs parallel to an old railway line. There is the remnants of Victoria – a hamlet built for miners, railway workers and brickmakers. Engineman’s Terrace is substantially the remains – plus a few cottages and farms.
needs tlc
There was one bit of confusion where the path stops at a farm complex. The farmer, who was playing on his tractor, said that I could go anywhere I liked. He pointed out a variety of possible routes. He said it didn’t bother him where I went. He said that some people went that way whilst others preferred to go this way (indicating). I thanked him, Bruno wagged his tail and we chose a route, emerging on the path at the other side of the farm, somehow.
my little pony island
Some of the rest of the route needs a bit of TLC – duff stiles, tied up gates – that sort of thing, but , generally, its OK. Its very nice, in fact.
The walk is three miles, and, due to it’s shape, and a bit of exploration along a permissive path in some woodland, I did 7.
Bruno did a bit more.
That’s it for walking for 2010, although there could be one New Years Eve/Happy New year posting……  probably in the morning.
howden 3


Alan Sloman said...

Nice One Michael.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my vicarious walks around your neck of the woods. And Peebles to Moffat as well of course...

Happy new year fella

Wonderfully - word = "pyiness" !!

Mike Knipe said...

Ah yes, Pyiness. Hopefully, there'll be even more Pyiness to come, Alan.
Happy New Year and good luck with whatever civil disobedience may happen in the future.
Watch out for the boy anarchists...