Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas Shoppings

st cuthberts cathedral
First expedition to Durham took place today. It was reasonably successful. There are fart cushions and wind-up false teeth that walk across the floor…. and the ducks were walking about on the frozen river.  Wot fun for them, wot?…
But the best bit about Durham is not the fart cushion shop, the many and various opportunities for scoffing and imbibing or the perambulating mallards – oh, no.
Some piccies…
cross in Durham
durham castle

And a Christmas video for all those who are temporarily parted at the moment, but who may be together again at Christmas. I have no idea who you are by the way, but St Cuthbert suggested this. Its one of his all-time favourites even though, in the past, he was never all that impressed by girlies….


Alan Sloman said...

That was lovely, Ta fella!

IckleBigSis said...

Durham has to be my favourite city, one of the reasons for coming home.

Meanqueen said...

Durham is on my list of places to visit. It looks lovely.

Mike Knipe said...

There's some nice riverside walks, Llona - well worth doing - plus, of course, the cathedral - which is free to enter ! - although you can make a donation if you want.