Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Come In Path 49

crook from path 49
I got an email from Elaine at the Rights of Way Dept at Durham County Council asking if I’d like to adopt Footpath 49 in the parish of Crook, seeing as it had just been improved and it would be a good idea to keep an eye on it.
She sent a map, and Footpath 49 looked so lonely and abandoned..and unadopted, that I had to say “yes”. I’ve been thinking of doing a bit more adopt-a-path stuff anyway, and this one is not that far from Pie Towers.
So, today, I went and had a look.
path49 001 path49 002
Its an interesting path and is well used – I met several dog walkers and their dogs today, and the surface shows a lot of evidence of use (its a bit muddy)
It starts (or ends, depending on which way you go) at the dizzy height of 200 and a bit metres and descends gently as a fenced path to a housing estate, where it becomes a “snicket” and has tarmac – and it ends in an industrial estate between two high and spiky fences. The total distance is around 1600 metres and the height difference between the top and the bottom is about 70 metres. And its a fairly pleasant little walk.
path49 the end
So, I’ll be doing this “officially” twice a year, probably in February and August each year.
Any bother and ..well…there’ll be bother. Bruno will be coming with me. He likes that sort of thing.


J_on_tour said...

Interesting story. You'll have to get yourself a warden badge !! Sounds like Bruno is "He who thou shalt not mess with" !

Mike Knipe said...

There's been some more developments on this....
I wonder if I can get a hat with "warden" written on it, J?