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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Border Poems #1

 I found this just now:
border hills

By Raven Burn and Carlin Tooth
She came at last by Hartshorn Pike
Then, turning East to Haggie Knowe
She rested in a rushy sike

She rested in a rushy sike
And laid her baby in the fern
And low and sad the song she sang
Beside the tumbling burn

Lie still, my sorrow, in the fern
For no man ever spoke the truth
If he were lying when we came
That day by Carlin Tooth

From Raven Burn to Carlin Tooth
He swore that he’d be true to me
And sure he’s lying dead in France
Or underneath the deep blue sea.

He’s lying neath the deep blue sea
Who lay all nicht upon my breast
Your Daddie’s lying cold and still
Lie still, my grief. Lie still and rest.

Sorry, it’s dark again. We’re waiting for a solstice. There’s more, unless you behave yourselves…..


Phil said...

Ah, nothing like a cheery ditty to lift the spirits as the nights draw in.

Mike Knipe said...

This is what I thought, Phil.
I've got another poem here about cholera....