Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lets hear the Earwig Song

By the miracle of time travel, or, possibly enthusiasm, the October copy of the TGO magazine plopped into the mailbox this morning. (Its a good job it didnt come through the letterbox like the Backpackers Club magazine or superdawg would have ripped it to bits - must have a word with the new postman...)

As a result of this, I've just this minute finished the arduous task of completing the application form for the 2010 TGO Challenge.

Some readers will appreciate that should I survive till next May, AND I manage to walk the 200 miles or so across the middle of Scotland without cheating or taking my dog (who will be howling at home and ripping up Readers Digest competitions) - this will be my tenth TGO Challenge and, like John Manning and many others before me, I will be a TGO Leg End.

I will then be accepted into the Inner Chamber of the TGO Challenge wotsit thingy and be party to such arcane secrets as what happens underneath Cameron McNeish's kilt, the proper pronunciation of Feughside and how to spell Ruaigh teAicthean.... Rooooar Chearrchain... Rudiepart Challenger.. or whatever it is. And what it is about Ardbeg thats so fabby whizz...

Anyway, I also automatically get a place (I think so anyway) - so to all you non-foreigners who don't have an 18 year old Swedish disabled teenager to accompany you - Hah! You'll just have to take your chances. There's always the stand-by list for you my friends.... But not for me. No, my friends, not for me! hah! In fact (evil laugh) hah hah hah hah ha! (getting a bit manic now...)

Tommorrow Lochailort and the day..after.... probably Glenfinnan or Loch Beoraid... but eventually The World! Yes! Oh, the power of it all!!!!

But lets not provide a reasonable estimate of our weight in poultry till all the properly fertilised eggs are hatched.

But on the other hand there is cause for celebration.


Earwigo earwigo earwigo

Earwigo earwigo earwigooooo


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I know that song!

*trots away to sing it*

Mike Knipe said...

Or then there's earwigo gathering nuts in may.....

Hello Shirl

Note to self: More pics of pigs and small dogs...

Judith said...

Mike, I'm going to fill in the form and say I'm walking with you. OK? Don't worry, I'll leave you floundering in the Black Hole of Beoraid..... I just want a guaranteed place. If I manage to get a place and complete the crossing I'll be half a leg-end and surely that counts for something?

Old Winter said...

Be careful what you wish for Mike it might be you end up having to walk the TGO.

I very nearly put my name down for the London Marathon this year when I discovered there was only the remotest chance of getting in.

The fact there was a remote chance stopped me.

That aside, congrats on the form filling and well done on this potential future achievement :)

Tony Bennett said...

...or earwigo round the mulberry bush.

Anyway, do I detect a certain excitement on the part of the pieman?

And will we have to address you with greater reverence once you are leg ended?

whitespider1066 said...

That's me in that bottom pick I recognise the tea cozy(oops Polartec buff) on my head.

What a long day that was for me, and we had that last little crossing to do as well before the fun and games of getting the fire started using dried horse manure and anything that would/could start a fire. Still don't think you guys are convinced about the tampon lol

Mike Knipe said...

Half a leg end is a shin, or a thigh (but I wouldnt want to mention thighs on a clean-living blog like this. Join the queue, Judith. I take bribes y'know (all to note)
Its no problem, OldWinter, Ive got the tee-shirt. In fact, Ive got nine tee shirts, two fleeces and some sweatshirts. It'll be fine (chews fingernails)
Correct, Tony - bit excited...
And Darren - yes, thats you with the tea cosy on and the supply of emergency tampons. And just in front of you is Anna, the Walking Pole and accomodation manager. ("You sleep there... you sleep there... you light fire... you sleep there....")

Alan Sloman said...

Why is it that whenever anyone crosses that bridge over the Allt Darrarie (or however the Scotties spell it) it is always peeing down with rain?

I spose you will be carrying supplies of the electric water with you to celebrate every night - might need to see your route sheet then. It tastes so much better when someone else has carried it.

Mike Knipe said...

I may well be carrying certain "supplies" with me, Alan. And of course you can see a route sheet.
Sometimes I actually do the route Ive originally planned.
I have a little plot concerning Braemar, as it happens. This may well be the subject of a Pie competition (piezes (arf , geddit?) from Ginsters.

John J said...

Have a root around for Les Barker's 'Earwigo' - hilarious!

To give you half a clue of insanity:

and listen to some of the excellently funny poetry.


John J said...

...or for the Fishing Forecast:

Mike Knipe said...

I'll have a look at these two shortly John J.... Just back from fatdog land. It were gradely....