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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Pictures of Roman Cavalry Training

Today’s job was to help out, as a Countryside ranger-type volunteer at an opening event of the new parkland and facilities at Hardwick Hall just beside Sedgefield.
The day was called “The Romans at Hardwick” and had all kinds of jollities such as dressing a load of children up as Roman soldiers and drilling them till they got even scarier than they were before they drilled.
This involved a lot of shouting and forming tortoises and learning military commands in Latin. All good fun
There was also a roman potter making roman pots, a roman weaver and a roman herbalist. And a hog roast, a tea van, some Romans camped in ultra-light tarp-type fashion (see, its not that new!) – and, best of all, a display by some Roman cavalry who did some archery, chucking sharp things at other things, attacking some infantry with blunt lances and javelins and big darts – and doing stuff that police horses do.
My job for most of the day was to avoid al of this and wear a high-vis jacket whilst explaining to drivers why they couldn’t get through a certain gate (it was locked) – and giving them directions. Only one was a bit miffed. Another complained that he couldn’t get into the hotel because all the wedding guests had blocked the way..? eh, wha?
I did manage to watch a cavalry demo, though, and have a little walk around the park grounds, which, I must say, are rather fine.
The park belongs to Durham County Council (this is where some of your rates go girls and bots) and its very popular with the locals, but not very well known outside the area. Which is a pity, cos it’s grand.
The next event there which I’m due to help at is on Halloween. Should be a laugh.


ukmase said...

I have been there a few time for weddings. Lovely place to get married.

mike knipe said...

There was a big wedding onb on Saturday - marquee bigger than Haltwhistle.... (OK, I'm exaggerating a bit) - but 2 Rolls Royces...and an entertainer who was lost and in a panic...