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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Disposable Hiking Sticks

I just bought a pair of "Hiking Sticks" (we usually call them walking poles, I think) at Millets in Bishop Auckland for a ha'penny under £3.75 EACH.

The blurb on the limited amount of attached packaging says that they are:


Durable Alloy Material

Ergonomic Grip

Full Suspension

Locking System

which is what I want, really..

The old ones, bought in 2007 at Dornie for £10 each after my even older, veteran ones of just about 10 years of clitter-clatter have been failing to stay up for a while now, despite the attentions of a spanner and a big rock.

They're "Yellowstone" hiking sticks. Thats "Yellowstone" for all of your hiking stick needs.

I'll be trying out the "yellowstone" hiking sticks on the peaty black bits of Kinder along with PennineRanger Tony Bennett (that is, I'll be trying out the sticks, not Tony Bennett... dhuhhh....) this very weekend.

The rucksack is packed.

Bruno has been informed that he's not coming and I have an appoinment at the local A&E to remove him from my left calf muscle. He's a very strong dog....

Incidentally, the shaft (ahem) of the poles have various slogans on them - one of which is, and quote: "Reduces strain on the wrists!" This is exactly what I want.
Pic shows a walking in action. Hiking stick, I meant hiking stick...


Martin Rye said...

I have meet a lot of old boys who say that poles or sticks helped them to keep hill walking - as their knees were getting old and worn out ;). The poles or sticks reduced stain on the old boys joints. Glad you like using them :)

Anyway have a nice walk.

Pennine Ranger said...

if you think you're trying those sticks out on me this weekend...

Well my rucksack isn't quite packed but there is a big pile of stuff on the floor and a note saying BUY PIES in large letters

See you in Hope or if not there then I'll try down the road in Desperation

mike knipe said...

Old boys Martin? Whaddya tryin ter say, like? I'm just going to use them for fending off frisky cattle and for pointing at things. I can't understand how the old ones got worn out...
Is Desperation a pub, Tony? (If it is, its likely I'll be in there at some point....)
Incidentally.the 9th mile on the walk will be my 1000th this year...

Pennine Ranger said...

That will put us pretty much bang on the Kinder Low Trig Point! So are you bringing the bubbly? :)

mike knipe said...

Just routine, Tony. It happens every September.... (koff)