Friday, 4 December 2009

TGO Challenge Planning


Despite the fact that its a beautiful sunny day here in beautiful and sunny Crook, I’ve been spending my time doing some more TGO Challenge planning.

I’ve submitted my route to Roger Smith, who says he will try to give it to a sympathetic and lucid vetter (that cuts a few of them out…)

In the meantime, I’ve been planning my food plan, which is something I always do before a trip like this – i.e. what meals I’ll need to carry on each stage and where I’ll get them from.

It looks very much like will be getting an order from me shortly – I need to start off with 3 days food, and I need to send two days food to Dalwhinnie – then there’s my April practise trip – all-in-all, around 9 days food.

I hope the table makes some sense – I copied from Excel. I know what it means anyway….

Thursday13/05/2010travel to mallaigtake from home333book bed in Mallaig 13/5/2010
Friday14/05/2010mallaiglochan a mhaimmallaig11
Saturday15/05/2010lochan a mhaimlochan a mhaim111
Sunday16/05/2010lochan a mhaimloch arkaig111
Monday17/05/2010loch arkaiglairig leacach1spean bridge1shop in spean bridge
buy in spean bridge222
Tuesday18/05/2010lairig leacachben alder cottage111
Wednesday19/05/2010ben alder cottagedalwhinnie11dalwhinnie
parcel to dalwhinnie232book hotel dalwhinnie 19/5/2010
Thursday20/05/2010dalwhinnieupper feshiedalwhinnie11
Friday21/05/2010upper feshiebynack lodge111
Saturday22/05/2010bynack lodgebraemar11braemar
buy in braemar131
Sunday23/05/2010braemarCallater Lodgebraemar1callater
Monday24/05/2010Callater Lodgeburntshieldscallater11
Tuesday25/05/2010burntshieldskirriemuir11kirriemuirbook b&b Kirriemuir 25/5/2010
buy in kirriemuir010book b&b Lethem 26/5/2010
Thursday27/05/2010lethemscurdie nesslethem1montrose


Martin Rye said...

All planned and done before Xmas. You are far to organised Mike :)

Alan Sloman said...

Lord Elpus & I run a very similar spreadsheet, Captain.

However, this year he has been incredibly lax and there is no evidence of the sheet thus far. I shall away, to give him a crafty kick in the shins.

Or there again, I can resurrect last years sheet and start the edit...

Nice route, by the way.

Mike Knipe said...

Nowt else to do, Martin - and , ashley, Alan, I've just updated/edited the 2009 file and given it a new name...
The thing to avoid, though, is running out of scotch. A trip to the dalwhinnie distillery is likely...