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Monday, 14 December 2009

Navigation Techniques for Beginners #1

Here’s just a little video wot I made demonstrating the “map-to-ground-random-vectoring” method of navigation.

Continue at random till you spot someone you recognise and then follow them. Legs should be kept short unless you've got very long arms and are called Cheetah.

This is guaranteed to get you Nowhere Fast. (The capitals aren't important, I'm just showing off)

This is a proper technique, honestly.

Tip: You're supposed to have a map, although the raandomness of the vectoring will be enhanced if it doesn't show the area of your possible location, and , to be frank, its not essential.

Next week, we'll be covering a settee with a cosy tartan throw, or we could do handrailing or something. Please write in with suggestions.


Alan Sloman said...

That looked very much like an "afterlunch" sort of vectoring. Did you find the wee lass? And what was her name and was she that beautiful and worth all the effort?

Have you never tried the "follow that odd-shaped-cloud" method? It's good in a howling storm. No compass required.

Best in the afternoon as well.

IckleBigSis said...

I recognise that navigation technique. lmao

mike knipe said...

Odd you should say that, Alan, it does work much better after lunch - and as for following oddly shaped clouds - that's planned for the "natural navigation" section, coming up - but thanks for the reminder.
Rachel - yer a cheeky girl but luckily the sound was so poor as to obscure the muttering, which you are probably also fairly familiar with... (incidentally a preposition is something to avoid ending a sentence with)