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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pennine Way Middleton in Teesdale to Forest in Teesdale

yet another picture of high bloody force

The thing about Durham County Council walks is that you do them twice within the week. The reccy for this walk has already been mentioned in relation to an unwarranted and, frankly, mindless assault on my delicate parts by a howling (quietly) mob of ants.

On Sunday, it was time to do the actual walk, which was exactly the same as the reccy except that in certain respects it was you catch…

Anyway – the main differences were that there were other people – six others, to be precise , including the stewards Sheila and Ian , and it was a bit thundery.

low force

kirk bloody carrion again

Six people including two stewards is not a great number. I put this down to a games event that’s going on in That London at the moment and a dire weather forecast which mentioned prolonged torrential rain, flash flooding, thunder and lightening, a plague of locusts and a viking raid involving rape, pillage and burning (in that strict order) and a bloke with one eye who looks quite a lot like Kirk Douglas. Quite a lot of  this didn’t happen and there was no mention of the midgies at High Force which foreshortened the lunch break to about ten minutes.

isn't that kirkcarion thorough the trees?

upper bloody teesdale near bloody cronkley

The route, briefly, goes up the back road out of Middleton and down to the river through some meadows and crosses the Tees at the lower bridge near Newbiggin. It then follows the Pennine Way past Wynch Bridge, The Stone Sheep, Low Force, The Juniper woodland, High Force and Cronkley and then by back lanes back to Newbiggin/Bowlees from where it crosses the Tees again and follows the PW back to Middleton. Its just a bit less than fifteen miles.

boot cleaning station at high force


The reccy was warm and sunny and the actual walk was sweaty and heavy and the sky rumbled and grumbled darkly and there was a bit of rain, but not much.

Its a nice walk.

You should do it.

Here’s some maps.

PW middleton to Forest East

 pw middleton to forest west


Dawn said...

Fantastic photos Mike, some lovely walking there.

Alan R said...

How kind of your council to provide a boot cleaning service before getting back in the car.