Saturday, 23 April 2011

Crook East Reccy

some crook contours

One of the things that Must Be Done prior to leading a Durham County Council walk is to reccy about a week before hand to see what’s what and which is who and where are my socks…  And so, it came to pass that me and the dawg did exactly this today on the “Crook Around The Compass – East” walk which may well take place on an evening next week.

a corner of crook

I say “may” take place because, as yet, I don’t think I’ve got a walk steward and a walk steward is essential for making sure that nobody dies and that all the participants are threatened with Council tax re-evaluations if they put complaints in.

The walk is just over 3 miles and it’s been advertised as taking an hour and a half. We did it in an hour and ten minutes, so on the actual thing (if there is an actual thing), we can dawdle a bit and look at the view and stuff, which is good.


One of the functions of the reccy is to check for hazards and Horrible Things. I found these :  Three road crossings, a bit of light teetering along the edge of a cropped field, some litter involving what appears to be Jehovas witnesses literature and some tipping of a large quantity of empty booze containers in shopping bags. One of the waymarks is falling to bits and another is missing, or , maybe has never been there.

waymarker seen better days

The litter/tipping and waymarks will be reported to the appropriate authorities quite shortly. Maybe somebody will tidy up the rubbish before the walk.

If nobody turns up, or if there are punters but no steward, I have a plan or strategy.

Last time I did this walk it was under deep snow. I mean deep, not some peebling minor bit of soft drifting – this was yer actual arctic powder right up to the Parts. I mean Right Up.

after before

3 miles and 500 feet of little brown contours.

Quite a nice,easy evening stroll, actually – Its on 27 April starting at 7:00 p.m. at Peases West Sports Centre between Crook and Billy Row. Be there or stay at home sulking.


QDanT said...

glad to see your OK, after posting "it's different for girls" I thought you might have crashed your motor bike or now be called Mikella
cheers Danny

Mike Knipe said...

Bit of a problem with that video, Dan, so I deleted it. It had to be that or "Senses working overtime". Bit of an issue with that one too, unfortunately.