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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Borders backpacking, Moffat – Peebles Day 2

carrifran corrie

We managed to get off up Bodesbeck Law by Nine o’clock. This was a tough start to start with and the biggest climb of the day. Alan set the pace and drew us along, which was a useful role which eventually ensured success….

ettrick ridgewalking

Bodesbeck Law has a specially fine view of the enormous and particularly beautiful Carrifran corrie, so, if you’re up there, just wander down the hill a bit to get the best valley floor to hill-top view. Don’t forget to take your camera – dhuhhh….

andrewhinney hill

The ridge continues in a generally grassy, occasionally a bit soggy, but fairly easy-going manner over several more Donalds – Mid Rig, Bell Craig, Andrewhinney Hill (one of the bigger ones) Trowgrain Middle and Herman Law. Generally, though the climbs between hills aren’t really very big, although the contours do add up after a while. But the ridge is a Donald-bagger’s delight and the walking is easy.

louise and loch of the lowes

For those not particularly interested in bagging Donalds, its still a very enjoyable walk, with wide-open spaces and big views. We had a cracking walk – ending the ridge with a view of St Mary’s Loch ahead (we could see the pub) and a final squelch over Peniestone Hill to join a green track descending to Loch of the Lowes.

path to the loch

We were soon installed at a garden table outside Tibbie Shiels and liquids and butties were enjoyed in the hot (ish) sun.

After a suitable interval during which we allowed ourselves a brief period of celebration, we wandered off down by St Mary’s Loch to find a camping spot at it’s foot.

lochside path

A local abandoned her car by our campsite, swapping it for another one and announcing that she’d be back early in the morning to wake us up.

A long period of unconsciousness followed during which I was only vaguely aware of some snoring. We had to be up early the next morning so that Louise and Laura could catch their bus from Peebles to Edinburgh with onward connections to far away places with strange sounding names (Aberdeen, Inverness – you get the idea, I’m sure…)

camp ingitup

Today was 13 miles and 1800 feet of uphill. I expect that others have different numbers. Whatever it was, this was a cracking day’s walking and lots of fun.




John J said...

You seem to have had a lovely trip. How were the pies....and did you all get some?



Andrew W said...

I recognise that handrail!
You mean to tell me you organised visibility this time.