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Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 The Score on the Door

A quick statistical and non-emotional roundup of wot-I-did-in-2009.

This will be especially helpful to absolutely nobody.

Look, I’m really just showing off, really. This is what happens when you divert your life away from distracting stuff like jobs.

Some highlights:

A 4 day backpack based on Sanquhar – great fun till it blew a hoolie at the end.


TGO Challenge from Glenelg to Johnshaven. Fun, as ever…


Cumbrian High Level walk – which wasn’t very high level after the monsoon started

langdales from three tarns

Hadrians wall by public transport.


South Tyne Trail (OK, some of this was a bit dull….)

Gaping Gill – worra jape. Thanks to Tony for the invite

fell beck camp

Breakfast in Smallcleuch Mine and the solstice watch in Clevison Currick – Thanks to Brian and Charlie


A productive 2 weeks Hewitt bagging in North Wales. I paid for this…..


Camping under Manchester Airport’s stack on Kinder (ta to Tony again)


I’ve probably missed quite a few… but everything can’t be a highlight, innit, even though they might have been good fun.

more formations

The Bare Facts (phwoar)

126 days with hillwalking done – covering 1245 miles and 206850 feet of uphill, and still managed to be 3kg heavier at the end than the beginning….

36 nights wildcamping, 10 car camping nights, 6 campsite nights, 2 bothies and one big cairn

8 underground trips and just the one gill walk (downhill)

I’m pretty happy with that lot – its marginally more than 2008.

And that, as they say on the allotments, is shallott… I will now begin 2010.

Finally – thanks to this chap. (who really did eat all the pies?)



Martin Rye said...

Retired life is good. Have a good year ahead.

Louise said...

They say muscle weighs heavier than fat, could that be your explanation?!

My gluteous maximus really is my body's biggest muscle...

Looking forward to reading all about the adventures of superdawg and his companion in 2010.

(word: absin)

mike knipe said...

...muscle heavier than fat, Louise? I'm afraid that whilst I'd like to be able to use that excu...explanation, the evidence is much wobblier. Superdawg, on the other hand is 2kg light, according to the vet. That news cheered him up quite a bit.
Martin - Its not too bad being retired as it happens - and if the roads are slippery, you can stay in fat....

peewiglet said...

That's an impressive tally.

I'm sure it must be extra muscle :)

Word = stabl. A week late?

mike knipe said...

I'm marginally lighter this morning, Shirl - if it is muscle, I'm in trouble!

Shutting the stabl door......

Philip Werner said...

I'm jealous. Over 1,000 miles. What is in those bottles? Does outdoor grub sell it?

mike knipe said...

The trick is not to have a job, Philip, then it all becomes much easier. Each mile was done at a fairly ponderous pace.