Saturday, 9 January 2010

Gillian Stainthorpe

This is for Gillian Stainthorpe 1957 - 2010


Anonymous said...

Lovely music, there.

That's very young to die. My sympathies to Gillian's family and friends, for their loss.

stuart smellie said...

could you let me know how to get in contact with Barry Mike. I couldnt make Gillians funeral and I would like to write to him.
If you could email me I would be grateful.
Regards from years passed

Stuart Smellie

Mike Knipe said...

I got a call from Rita hartley about this - I don't have Barry's contact details either, but if you send me your email address, I'll do what I can to find an address.
Use my email address at

Mike Knipe said...

Stuart - I have a phone number and a partial address (no street number) - let me have an email address and I'll forward it.