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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Post Prandial Path Patrol or Playtime for Superdawg

aap crook 017

After lunch (that was the prandial part, people…) it became time for me to do my bi-annual patrol of certain footpaths as part of my Voluntary Rangering, or Adopt-a-Path duty. Its not really a “duty” in the strictest sense, its really a walk where I get to go “tut tut, would you look at that “ and “tsk tsk, have you seen the state of that stile?”

aap crook 002

The adopt-a-path patrol approaches The Farrers Arms

And so, me and superdawg set off once again into the snow, which was ever-so-slightly deeper than it was yesterday (about another 3 or 4 inches, I would guess)

aap crook 006

Not that way…

We followed our well-established route from the Farrera Arms up to Roddymoor and then by various rights of way up to Billy Row church, then around the back of Stanley Crook and back down the hill to Crook.

I couldn’t find much to whinge about, really – just some waymarks missing. the wobbly stiles noted the last time I did this walk, back on the hottest day of the year (see intro pic of Bruno’s tongue) – had either been fixed or were frozen so solid as not to wobble.

aap crook 008

Breaking a trail (in the wrong direction)

There was deep, undrifted snow in the fields, and some moderate drifts. Kids were sledging nearby. It was a beautiful sunny day. Bruno thought it was all quite fab.

aap crook 019

Bridleway to Crook

It was also quite hard work. I really do need those snow shoes if its going to continue like this. This is getting to be like the winter was when I first arrived in Crook in 1985. The snowdrifts on the moors lasted into May.

aap crook 018

Measures to reduce carbon emissions go too far this time

Brian rang last night and described the conditions at Nenthead where the snow is many times deeper than it is here, apparently. All of the trans-Pennine routes are closed, though, apart from the Aire and Tyne gaps – too far to go around to Nenthead. If I get the snowshoes, I might walk over from Weardale.

aap crook 016

How did they know when they put the sign up?

I don’t suppose anybody’s seen hide or hair of any binmen at all?

5 miles and 650 feet of ascent today, though it felt like more. Much, much more.....

I’ll be back in July providing the snow has melted

crook aap walk


peewiglet said...

Fantabulous pictures and snow!

Have had to give Piglet a biscuit. She became hyper-excited when she saw Bruno dashing around in the snow in his coat.

Word - punther. Hmmm...

mike knipe said...

I think Piglet would have needed a periscope for the snow today - I saw at least two dogs who were out of their depth.
Punther - An instruction to get rid of somebody by pushing them out into the middle of a large pond on a raft. (colloq.)