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Friday, 24 July 2009

Tam Lin

Just having a liddle experiment with Youtube... I like this song. I wonder if a wild camp at Carterhaugh might be a bit too spooky, though... Carterhaugh is quite near Selkirk and, apart from angry witches, was quite close to a war crime just after the battle of Philliphaugh which involved the drowning of several dozens of women and children in the river, held down by lances....their men were marched off and shot at Newark castle nearby. You wouldn't want to be there at night.... on your own.... bad dreams.... (shiver) .... probably just a fox calling.....or an owl silently flitting ghostly beside the riverside.....or the wind in the trees... hush and listen (to the hairs on your neck standing up a line at a time) You wont sleep again till dawn.


John J said...

Ah, Sandy Denny had a voice that really couldn't be matched. She is sorely missed, Fairport have never been quite the same since her passing.


mike knipe said...

Sad but true John J.