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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Planning a long walk part trois - trail food

I've just had an ordering/shopping session on and this is what I bought:

Be Well Chilli Con carne with Rice £4.85

Mountain House Chicken Korma with Rice £4.85

Real Turmat Beef and Potato casserole £7.99

Mountain House Smooth oatmeal with raspberries £3.85

Be Well Porridge with sultanas £2.65 (I must be mad)

Be Well Hot cereal start with sultanas £2.65

Real Turmat Game casserole £7.99

Adventure Food Pasta Bolognese £4.25

Adventure Food Spaghetti Bolognese £4.85

Be Well Thai Chicken with Rice £3.45

Mountain House Custard with apple £3.85

There is a lack of choice in breakfasts and sweets, but, apart from that there's enough choice on this website to eat a different meal each evening for a month. Which is enough. I need more breakfasts and sweets, though.

Secondly - For this to be of any use at all to potential consumers of this scoff, I need some criteria by which to judge the food.

I will be looking at the ingredients, with special attention to the amount of salt (I don't really do salt) and saturated fats and calories claimed - bearing in mind that as hard-working backpackers, we want as many calories as possible. I do anyway.

But what else?

The suggestion box is open. The best suggestion will get a Real Turmat meal of your choice and the worst will get a bag of broken custard creams.


Alan Sloman said...

The Rea; Turmat Game Casserole is sensational (great reindeer)

Another favourite is the Turamt Beef Stew with Rice - both absolutely gorgeous.

I always find Maple Syrup Granola Bars excellent for a quick tasty slow burn breakfast with a fizzy orange and a coffee to rehydrate after the night before's nightcaps. Oh - and lots of strong cheddar and rye crispbread for more calories.

mike knipe said...

All noted, Alan. Not sure where to get maple syrup granola bars, though - more info required!
How do you manage fizzy orange?
I do do strong cheese, but its oatcakes for me....

Alan Sloman said...

I can get the MSGB's in Sainsbury's or Waitrose. I would imagine most supermarkets do them (found usually in boxes of six)

The fizzy orange is found in Boots, in pastic tubes, sold as effervescent Vitamin C tablets. They are bloomin' marvelous in warm/hot water (they dissolve quicker then) and are really orangey and great for sore heads.

You can also get 'Hairy Lemon' in the same fashion - but I have been struggling to find these recently. The 'Hairy Lemon' do have a side effect though - they turn your pee a sort of luminous green.

Makes for an interesting morning pee though.

mike knipe said...

Thanks Alan (turning out to be quite useful, this posting...)
Hmm, luminous pee... I can see some navigational advantages here....
Hairy lemon, though? Are you sure about this? Is this, in fact, a euphamism of some sort?
Have I, in fact, spelled euphamism properly?
And why didnt I buy Turmat beef stew? (reluctant to pay some more postage fees...)

Alan Sloman said...

Hairy Lemon can be found here:

It's good stuff - used it extensively on my LEJOG

mike knipe said...

Good grief... I feel so... I have lead such a sheltered life.
Whatever next? Wrinkle cream for scrota....?
I must try this - off tae the Crook Boots shop the very first thing in the morning...

tonyb said...

Have you tried Green and Blacks Organic Fruit & Nut Cereal Bars? They come in packs of three and they'll change your life. Tested extensively on TGOC!

mike knipe said...

Made a note of that, Tony.
Change my life eh? Hmmmmmm....