Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More Brecon Pictures

Whilst we're waiting for the first trip along Hadrian's Wall to start (see below), I just thought I'd fill in the gap with a few more pics of the "main" Brecon Beacons ridge. Inevitably, most of these involve the camera being pointed towards Pen y Fan which draws the eye magnetically, (not like an etch-a-sketch yer great daft wazzock*). I'm showing the pics coz I finks its nice.
Really attentive readers may well note that one of the pictures is a tree and not a hill. This is one of the very fine oak trees encountered on the approach to Sugar Loaf, an almost 2000 foot hill just next to Abergavenny. These trees are in the care of the National Trust and you just want to hug and kiss them and have their saplings. I fawn over their acorns. I stroke their gnarly roots and I rub myself against them in a rather embarrassing manner.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics.
Notes: Hadrian's Wall - I start tommorrow at Wallsend and, hopefully, end at Heddon on the Wall where the 685 Stagecoach bus will take me back to Newcastle. I'm really looking forward to this. I might pick up a bit of latin, or maybe a Gregg's Cheese salad sandwhich.
* Wazzock - A colloquial Yorkshire dialect word invented in a bus queue in Batley at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night in February 1967 when, due to an over-enthusiastic night of beer swilling, one chap dropped his wife's fish chips and peas in a mucky puddle and ruined both the supper and his chances of a bit of rumpy-pumpy on Sunday morning.Use as in "yer great wazzock" A "little wazzock" is a child who has just covered your new trousers in chocolate fingerprints or has had a toilet accident in the back of the car despite being told time and time again to have a wee before you set off..
Add this to your dictionaries.
Next week, we'll be exploring the words "Spawny Wart" Maybe we could get all this translated into latin.


Tykelad said...

Hmmm....Tree could catch on.

Nice piccies Mike, must have a look at Welsh Wales some time (I'll add it to the ever-lengthening list after Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, etc). Is the water drinkable?

Mike Knipe said...

I think you'd be OK with the mountain water. The valley stuff looked permanently muddy.
The best stuff has been brewed with six different types of hops in Swansea. Don't make tea with this, though.
South Wales is generally very lush, green and beautiful with some small towns scatterred about and parts that look very much like East Lancashire.

icklebigsis said...

And how did the dear old tree deity respond to your fondlings and forward nature? lol...

Mike Knipe said...

Didn't notice, Rachel - just a bit of rustling in the breeze.
They have branches all over the place by the way.... yak yak, arf, koff...

Anonymous said...

Exactly how many oakwoods have you been banned from Mike?

I think I may give the NT a wee call just in case you get a bit overexcited at the sight of a few young saplings.

Looking forward to The Wall and to an explanation of "spawny wart"

Mike Knipe said...

Oakwoods - They support a marvellous and diverse array stuff, apparently.
Thats not to say that ash,holly and hawthorn aren't useful too. I just wouldn't want any of them living next to me, thats all.

Dirty buggers.