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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Video test

This is just to see if I can load a video. If so- this is superdawg - almost live


John J said...

Your doggie is looking somewhat bemused....oh, and the video works.


IckleBigSis said...

Bruno - "pussy cats... scone... bagel"

Judith said...

That looks like a real, live moving dawg to me. You're not planning to video next year's Challenge[1] are you?
[1] Standard disclaimer: "If selected etc.....[2]"
[2] Huh! 10 timer... so disregard [1]

mike knipe said...

He always looks like that John, except when rachel 9see comment below) mentions any of the words she's mentioning in her comment, at which point he turns into wolf-dog barking frenzy.
I don't think I'll video the chally next year, Judith if I er get a er........ actually, I do have a place... All I need to do is survive the winter reasonably intact.
I might do a few short vids at some point, though. New! animated pies....!