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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Armistice with BT

I got a phone call from India this morning and a pleasant lass (with whom it would be impossible to have a rant 'cos she'd just sympathise till you'd stopped) told me that the email I got was an automaed one and I wouldn't be getting new wires and plugs and software and passwords and phone numbers and that all I needed to do was oay£2 a month less than previously and would it be OK to say that the issue was resolved. I agreed.

I've told the wife as it's she who pays the bill!!!! (bet that took you by surprise) So the war is over before it started. (unless I get a package....)

BT's occupation of the ex-British Empire was confirmed by a second phone call from a lass with, apparently, a South African accent. She didn;t know about the other call. I told it was all right now and that it was resolved.

The remaining mystery was , what was in the undelivered envelope with money to pay?

Rachel - You didn't put a big enough stamp on yer mum's birthday card, yer naughty girl...

I am now searching for another utility company to have a rant at. The Gas people seem to be a fair target. Or maybe the Council. I'll not have a bad word said about BT's customer complaints departmeent. (their auto emails and "contact us" phone number systems are rubbish, though)
Pic shows foamy boots for no good reason at all. Never put washing up liquid in your boots before having a paddle.


IckleBigSis said...

I had one stamp left and naively thought it would be enough... It actually makes a change for something I placed in the care of the post office to actually turn up. I've posted stuff before for it to disappear into a blackhole called the post office. Alternatively when sent by recorded delivered I've had it delivered back to me the next morning because the sorting office can't tell the difference between send to and send from address...haha I can rant too!

mike knipe said...

Thats ma girl.....! You need to be a bit more unreasonable, though. They need to be hopping at the Post Office - if you catch my drift (ribbett!)