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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

There will now be a short intermission

This is me all packed up and ready to go once again - this time for a few days in Glen Etive for the bagging of a few Munro's, and, perhaps a Corbett. I have to return next Tuesday, cos my supply of some of my many tablets runs out on Tuesday.

I suspect that we'll just be remaining in the Glen for the whole thing - the weather forecast for the first couple of days is now a bit iffy and its possible that instead of walking I might have to return to the Mabinogion (which I misplaced, but now I found it again) So its back to ladies turning into hares and swans and sheep and stuff...

Ive also packed some plonk and some beer and some scotch, as there isnt a pub in Glen Etive as such. (Not too far to the Kingshouse, though, I suppose...)

Anyway, the point is, I won't be blogging for a while. There's no phone signal there anyway.

I'll be bagging a HuMP in the Borders on the way - one small and grassy lump called Boon Hill. I'll eat me butty on it.
Look - I found a pic of Glen Etive. Nice, innit?

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