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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Primus stuff and a rucksack

Just got a Primus ETA stove. As this had a frying pan/lid, it fulfils bacon frying criteria. It boils water very fast too. So, I'm chuffed with this.

I'm also very chuffed with the service from backpackinlight. I ordered a pot yesterday to go with the stove (see above, do try to concentrate) - slightly smaller than the one that comes with the stove (see above...). And its just arrived. (Hurrah) Along with the council tax bill (boo) and some sweeties (hurrah) and some foot balm (whatya tryin to say, like, bonny lad?)

I also bought a Craster kipper in Durham and some fish pie mix which has salmon and cod and coley and big grey goggle-eyed sea monster from the deep wottle eat your legs as you paddle in the shallows and spit out your toenails at people's windows late at night . I'm torn between making a fish pie or I could tie it into a mesh bag and walk around the streets of Crook capturing cats. Fish pie, probably.

And I got a rucksack. its a red one, weighs 2.2 kg and has a built-in rain cover that when you get it out, it stops raining. 55 litres. Its a Deuter something or other. I would have got one of them osprey thingies but there were none in the town big enough for backpacking. And I wanted one now.

Anyway, thats for all your backpacking needs. And a bag of skittles.
I expect many of you already knew that, though.


fatdogwalks said...

The line about the google eyed sea monster made drinking my tea difficult due to all the spluttering and choking - a superb line Mike.

(must make a note to pinch that one for future "Tails")

mike knipe said...

Cheers, Ken. I've not ruined your keyboard, I hope.
I'm busy playing with my new rucksack's straps just now. I keep finding new ones. I tightened one obscure one up and now my left leg is a foot shorter than my right one. I need to find the one that does the other side....

Judith said...

2.2kg? Crikey Mike - That should be bombproof. In fact, check if there is a bomb in one of the secret zippy compartments.
I've treated myself to a very very light rucksack, also from, for this year's Challenge. It's been comfy enough on day-walks so I hope I still like it on the tricky 3rd or 4th day when I'm starting to get a wee bit tired.

mike knipe said...

I thought it was light! Its not made of that shirt material, though and it does have some straps.

And it is red.

Makes me feel like one o' them hikers.

Hi ho!