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Sunday, 26 October 2008


Suddenly, overnight, we’ve been time-shifted into winter. Its at times like these when I really appreciate not having a job. No longer do I have to battle through the dark and sleet to get home for me tea. Unless I’ve been on a walk, obviously. Or to the shops… anyway, the point is, this really isn’t my favourite time of year. I suppose I could spend the dark nights writing me novel or something. In reality, I’m such a lazy git, I’ll probably just doze the winter through. Bottles of red, good book (a good book, not THE good book, Radio 4 on the radio, dog snoring legs in the air by the radiator….)

This also feels like the end of the year (Yes, I know it isn’t). It’s the time when I usually cheer meself up by planning whatever I might do next year. This depends, somewhat as to whether or not I get to do the TGO Challenge. Just waiting for the envelope… In the meantime,I’ll likely make a list of hills I might want to bag.

And, as for hillwalking, well, it all starts to become a bit more rushed to try to get off any tricky bits of hill before it gets too dark to find the headlight. The rush is necessary cos I've got up late due to the fact that it was dark outside when I was supposed to get up and now I havn't got time to do what I intended to do.
I noticed that the wires on my Petzl are wearing through. It would likely have let me down at some crucial point. I’ll have to get a new one.



Martin Rye said...

To be honest it is good to reflect. Raise a glass to friends departed, and think what has the year brought as we count down its ending. Next year has much I am sure. Me I like the winter as I like the hills in the seasons - as each offers something new.

mike knipe said...

Now I re-read the post, it does seem a bit over-pessimistic and a touch depressed... Like you, Martin, I do like the winter hills.
Its the bloody dour soggy darkness that I'm not too keen on. Once we get into January, it'll soon start to get a bit brighter, innit?
Soon be Christmas... Slade on the radio, MFI sale, a new Cliff Pilchard record....