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Thursday, 2 October 2008

North Pennine Footpath Stuff

Just been out doing a very pleasurable duty. I do a spot of light rangering for Durham County Council, part of which is walking around on some footpaths that I’ve adopted and reporting any issues – blockages, duff stiles, that kind of thing.

Today’s task was to do two little walks with lots of paths on them. The first was at Blanchland and is about six miles of woodland, pastures and moor, and the second is at Edmundbyers– about nine miles of high, sweeping moor on easy paths.

This is great countryside for marching manfully, or gracefully girly, or, should you so wish – just doing a bit of mincing. It doesn’t matter – nobody will see you. You can sing entire albums at the top of your voice if you want. Nobody will complain.

Cos there’s nobody there…

So, today was fabulous quick, easy walking in lots and lots of lovely space and big views – right up to the Cheviots , thanks to a bit of an arctic blast. These always bring clear, crisp air – and so it was today.

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself so much since the siege of Pontefract.

Actually,, no I wasn’t there was I? Anyway, it were grand. Didn’t see a soul, broke off some overhanging branches and kicked a bit of a drain to clear a boggy bit. Nothing much at all to report to DCC, though in the past we’ve had new bridges, extra waymarks, people with chainsaws…..

Anyway, me and your mum and superdawg are off on our hols for two weeks now. . Try not to get into any bother. Any damage will come out of your spending money. Please do the washing up at least once during the fortnight, and don’t have loads of kids in. No parties. Are you listening? As I say, I will find out. Your drawer is full of clean pants and socks. Feed the cat and let him out if its not raining…

Oh, and could you pay the Rington’s man, I’ll leave the money behind the clock. Get some of those chocolate teacakes……..look, don’t sigh……

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