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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Bloody Bush Edge

Me and superdawg decided that as the weather forecasts for the rest of the week are for gales and wind and sleet and wind, that on the one promised nice day, we'd have a proper walk.
The purpose of this one was to bag two sloppy Deweys in the Cheviot Hills.
Dewey Number One has the rather odd name of Lint Lands. There's no lint on it at all. There is a lot of very tough heather and its very flat and unnasuming, but has a fine view of The Cheviot itself.

In the woods on the way, we had a bit of a staring competition with a Roe deer. Went on for ten minutes. In the end the deer got bored and wandered off. Bruno didnt seem too interested (we'd watched Dog Borstal the night before and I think he was a bit wary. I told him to "leave" anyway and he sort of shrugged and tutted.
We followed the victory on Lint Lands with a plodge through the deep mud and floods caused by eejits on trail bikes riding up salters Road bridleway. (dhuhhh) - and then a climb up to the trig on Bloodybush Edge - the top of our walk at just 2000 feet.
Yarnspath law was our second Dewey - some nice, dry, comfy heather on that one - and we got back to the car just as the light was fading.
Good name, innit - Boodybush? There's also a Murder Cleugh on this walk. Dire deeds in the past, I think. Its all within a couple of miles of the Border.
fab walk in cold, sunny weather - bit sloppy - 12 miles and 2200 feet of climbing.

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