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Sunday, 19 October 2008

I wandered lonely as a crowd

Anyway, I’ve been doing lots and lots and lots of bagging of Welsh hills, but it struck me as I wandered lonely one day, (a bit like a cloud, as it happens**) that you can tell when a family has had one of those “fresh start” discussions when the TV has been turned off and “Dad” says a few words about what he and “Mum” have decided….

It was just like this as I wandered lonely down the track from the summit of Moel Famau – an, apparently extremely well known and popular hilltop in the Cwydian Hills.

On the way down, we (that is, me and superdawg) were met with lots of people coming up. This had been exactly the same as I had climbed up the hill, except in the fact that most of the people on that occasion had been coming down.

It appeared to me that several things were happening here.

1) The entire lower middle class population of Merseyside and places with local accents which could be mistaken for Merseyside (eg Chester) containing families of two more people and a dog were either going up or coming down Moel Famau, apart from the few who were sitting around on the top trying to stop their dogs barking at the view.
2) Several of these families had recently had a family meeting (see above) during which the subject of (The Dad’s) increasing beer belly and how the likelihood of his having a serious cardiac incident were going to be delayed somewhat by the entire family taking part in regular and enjoyable group exercise also designed at getting the family “to do stuff together” instead of sitting around all Sunday not doing their homework.
3) Some of the family members weren;t really enjoying this to be honest, inparticular the Mums and the kids
4) Some members of the family, though would be having a fab time if it weren’t for the other family members having a right old whinge or trying to stop them barking at the view, eating sheep poo and protecting the family from other dogs.
5) Despite the announcement that they’d better get used to it because this was what they would be doing every Sunday from now on, this, in fact would be the very last time that this sort of thing would happen on a Sunday. Next Sunday, the weather would be just too iffy and it would be much cosier and cheaper in front of the telly and Mum’s headache wouldn’t travel too well down the A55. The dog, however, would be disappointed.
I walked about a bit
By Myself
And saw lots of Yellow Flowers.
I fink they were daffidils or somefing.

W Wordsworth 3C

(Wordsworth – A poor effort. See me at 4 o’clock – Mr Teech)
A couple of Welsh holiday pics are shown above. It were great. I’d do it again.


Martin Rye said...

Ah the Welsh hills. I should go visit them. Glad you did - good pics by the way.

mike knipe said...

Fab stuff, them Welsh hills - I had a first visit to the hills near Blaenau Ffestiniog and they were really good fun. I should put a few more pics of those hills in the blog...