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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Winner! Britain’s Best Walks Christmas Raffle

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I have been informed by The Powers That Be (The wife) that the raffle for the copy of Times Britain’s Best Walks by Christopher Sommerville was drawn yesterday evening by our next door neighbour and that the winner is one Debbie (Joan’s) daughter a customer/visitor to St Catherine’s Community Centre and that the book has been delivered, probably to her Mum within the last hour or so.

Congratulations to Debbie and I hope and trust that it will provide hours and, indeed, miles of happiness.

Thanks also to everybody else who bought tickets. The raffle made £32, which is just £2 more than the retail price. It’s a small sum, but a lot better than a smack around the head with a wet fish.

If anybody would like to buy a copy of this crackin tome, then clickhere . Prolly too late for Christmas now, but in plenty of time for action on those New Year’s resolutions, specially the ones about getting more exercise, getting out more, losing weight and doing more things together.


Dawn Linney said...

Wonderful Mike, I suddenly recall I never contributed, most amiss of me. Remind me please next time we meet up

Mike Knipe said...

You're too late to buy a raffle ticket, Dawn but if you really want to donate spondoolies to St Caths, I doubt if they'd erect any barriers. Watch out for Barbara by the way - specially energetic up the Heelans, I suspect.