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Monday, 19 December 2016

Trespass Blog Awards

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Katie from Trespass marketing dept emailed me the other day about this. I’m uncertain as to who made the nomination (it wasn’t me, the wife or the dog) and ever since the TGO Magazine blogger of the year fiasco a couple of years ago, I’ve generally been a bit cynical about these things – at least till being nominated by Old Mortality himself with his tongue stuck firmly in his cheek, bless him (how he managed to order a pint with his tongue in his cheek, I’ll never know). Then I thought – well, its harmless, innit and, maybe I could use and fallout for my loadsa work for charriddeeees (don’t like to talk about it).

Click on the logo below to vote, or on the link below.


vote for pies!


John J said...


Tony Bennett said...

Tried to vote for you but you have to login with a FaceBook account and I'm probably the only person left on the planet who hasn't got one - cos they're evil. Sorry. But have a crackin xmas anyway

Dawn Linney said...

Did and done

Andrew said...

As Tony tried to vote but I'm not on Facebook either so that's two lost votes!

Quinn said...

Done! Good luck, Mike!
(This sort of thing is the only reason I have a FB account. Every time I manage to open my account I am a little bit surprised it's still there.)