Sunday, 4 December 2016

Around Grayrigg

grayrigg and advent 005

The only instruction given to The Bro was that Dillicar Knott needed bagging and that a walk should include that. Afterwards, there would be sweet biscuits for a demonstration of “snarly snarly” for LTD. Snarly snarly is LTD’s habit of threatening titbits if he’s not given them straight away. Its quite funny, really.

grayrigg and advent 003

So, we met in “The Layby”, just South of Dillicar Knott and climbed it in short order. Dillicar Knott has some masts on the top and a fine view of the Lune Gorge, complete with the M6 and the West Coast railway line. Unfortunately, there’s no easy direct way through to the start of the Grayrigg Forest ridge , so we had to back track a bit.

grayrigg and advent 008

After, we climbed Grayrigg Pike, which has an even better view of the M6, followed by Grayrigg Forest, a Marilyn which I’d previously bagged on 16 November 1975, but which was a new tick for LTD. I must say, that despite me leading him around all these fine hills, he’s showing very little interest in his tally of ticks and hasn’t even got his own pencil. He’s going to have to go to baggerdog classes…

grayrigg and advent 011

Anyway, we used the access road to the repeating stations stations stations to leave the hill and work our way back on a complex route through farmland and bits of soggy moor to the Old Scotch Road which eventually brought us back to our cars.

grayrigg and advent 013

The sun came out, it got a bit warm and we saw three or four deer and a flock of white geese in a scrapyard…

LTD then went to Kendal for sweet biccies and episodes of the snarly snarly game.

10 miles and 2100 feet up up and there’s a map just a bit below this sentence..



Dawn said...

Looks a nice walk and in good weather too!

Unknown said...

This snarly snarly game sounds fun....