Sunday, 22 February 2015


Intermission – there will be a short pie-based one whilst I nick off to the Lakes for a few days. Me and Lucky will be camping. The weather is ‘orrible. This may end up with a lot of sleeping and drinking of tea etc. I’ve just bought a little radio for £4.50 in Asda. My record with radios is not good – I’ve never had one that really works when I’m camping, but I still buy them. I should have a sale, really…..   In the meantime, a member of staff will visit this auditorium with a range of delicious iced refreshments and cold kia-ora at stupidly outrageous prices. or you could just nip out for a wee.

Back Friday by the way.


One Girl and her Dog said...

Hope you have a great time - where are you heading to Mike?

Toodles - Paula

Mike Knipe said...

Borrowdale - but delayed by a day due to duff weather in Cumbria - or, rather. I've slid it forward a day... if you catch my drift..... Lucky is confused by this, it seems..

Caz.P. said...

You're not the're just a very naughty boy. Ha ha.
Enjoy your trip.

Dawn said...

Have a good trip Mike