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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Wolsingham Wayfarers Walk at Wolsingham, Actually.


Me and the Pooch went off to Wolsingham today to meet up with members of Wolsingham Wayfarers for a six mile trundle up to Tunstall and back.

Before we set off, I filled the pack up at Peggoty’s cafe. Peggoty’s have what is, in my opinion, probably one of the finest selections of cakes and pies in the North. Today, I got a pork pie and a rhubarb and cherry (dribble) sponge cake (slurp) and two iced bakewell sponge cakes which I managed not to eat till I’d scoffed a large part of the lamb stew wot was stewing slowly in the slow cooker back at knipetowers. I allowed Mrs Pieman one of the cakes for being nice to me last Tuesday afternoon at  about two o’clock. This sacrifice on my part was a magnificent example of self control by the way. Its roughly equivalent to hiding an old sirloin steak in the dog’s bed and expecting him not to dig it up. It’s all gone now, obviously.

lucky and the pack leaders

Anyway, the walk was pretty straightforward and attended by twelve people and four dogs and the weather was a bit grey and cold and quite like the stuff you tend to get in November, specially at the end when it started raining. And I went to bits of Wolsingham parish I’d not visited for quite a while.


Wolsingham Wayfarers is a long-established group of peeps who generally look after the rights of way in and around Wolsingham and other bits of Weardale and they do guided walks.  More info is provided in a link to their website later in this blog post.

the road back to wolsingham

Its all good, clean, muddy fun and just the sort of thing more local groups could and should do to keep their local footpaths and bridleways healthy and open.

Lucky enjoyed it all too and is slowly (very slowly) learning to be less noisy around other dogs, although I do have to resort to threats of the deadly flick of cold water on the muzzle to shut him up. (I don’t actually have any cold water, but he doesn’t seem to know that.)

A link to Wolsingham wayfarers website is here


and, for cakeheads, a link to Peggoty’s cafe/tearoom facebook page is here 




christine hindle said...

I think we might have been to Peggoty's a couple of times....

It's Chrissie, by the way.

Dawn Linney said...

Wonderful Mike, what a cracking cafe!

Mike Knipe said...

Chrissie - I may consider bringing a small supply of Peggotty's cakes to Kirkcarrion.
Dawn - I may consider bringing a small supply of Peggotty's cakes to K Stephen

Whoa... justaminnit.... I got deja vu just then..

Dawn Linney said...

Mmmmhhhhh, that would be nice Mike!!

Andrew said...

We enjoyed looking at those cakes. Brenda is planning a trip to Peggotty's when we are next in the North Pennines, something about hoping to get some Parkin?

Mike Knipe said...

Andrew - I think I'd better stop with the cakes now - otherwise I won't be able to get into my loose-fitting santa outfit. Enjoy the parkin (I didn't see any but the baker in Crook does parkin for Halloween and Bonfire night. At other times, they just call it ginger slice! 45p for a lump.