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Friday, 21 November 2014

Teesdale Railway and Riverside Paths -Doing The Same Walk Twice Sans Fashion Tips (sorry)

on the teesdale railway path near mickleton

When I lead a guided walk, I have to do the walk as a reccy about a week before the actual event so that I can see if there’s likely to be any “issues” – and also to see if I can actually remember where the walk goes…

So, just before our damp little adventure in the Dales, I had a damp little adventure in Teesdale.

The reccy at least started in lovely, bright sunshine and the guided walk didn’t (it was wet).

I seem to remember there being just me and the pooch on the reccy and me and 15 or 16 hardy and waterproofed souls on the walk….

Incidentally, I must apologise to readers of TGO magazine about the lack of fashion tips in the blog post. And nobody is wearing pink wellies. Lucky, though is wearing his new ruffwear harness…..


Lucky senses a walker coming the other way – Riverside path at Middleton in Teesdale

Steep drop.....

Steep and slippery bits high above the river


Lucky has just buried his snack (a bonio (nom nom)) and is sitting on it (note the dirty nose)


Bridge at Cotherstone and fearty dog


Middleton bridge – a bit surprised anybody turned up in these conditions. Kirkcarrion looking sinister as usual…


Picnic in Egglesburn nature reserve. (blurred cos I was probably shivering…)


Goldsborough in the distance….


Brightening up….


Sheila and Maria stewarding a slippery stile


Brightening up – just before dark… near Romaldkirk

The walk is about 13 miles and is generally fairly easy if a bit muddy and slippery in places at the moment.  The last mile and a half or so can easily be done in the dark as it’s on the railway line – just a tip for the dark months. But take a torch!

teesdale way etc


Dawn Linney said...

looks a nice walk Mike, no pink polka dot wellies though???

Jen said...

Lucky is ridiculously cute. Did he unbury it and eat it?

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn - I thought we'd agreed not to mention the willies....
Jen - I found the bonio hidden in leaves and fed it to him again later...

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn - apols, I meant wellies...not willies... dhuhh (merlot) whoops...

FellBound said...

Disappointed there were no fashion tips, Mike, not least because I recall your very good post where you were a mogel for those charity T Shirts. What make of foundation cream do you wear? Do tell! Then they may send you some free stuff to review.

FellBound said...

PS Talking of wellies, willies and freudian slips. I left a comment on another blog earlier about the TGO blogger of the year. I wrote that I was 'sure she may be a nice lady but...'. However, poor typing meant I left the 'd' out of lady. Fortunately, I spotted before hitting the publish key :-)

christine hindle said...

We used to have a Border Collie who - whenever you gave her a Bonio - had to roll on it before she could eat it.
Kirkcarrion looked suitably moody.

Mike Knipe said...

Fellbound - On the subject of cream - it's great in a cake but not good on a face, unless its at a party. Or something. Just a tip... I'm a moggle, you know what I mean... (we know a song about that..)

Mike Knipe said...

Oddly enough, Lucky often rolls on his dentastick before eating it.. Funny buggers, dogs... Kirkcarrion - not the kind of place you'd want to spend a night! [koff]

Quinn said...

That's quite a turnout for such a gloomy-looking day, isn't it?
(On reflection, it is possible I am getting old and wimpy.)