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Sunday, 24 August 2014


'ansome bugger (he's actually watching a goat)

We’re quite fortunate up here in Pieland to have a fine collection of shortish walks suitable for taking one’s pooch on for an afternoon of sniffing at things and chasing wabbits. The dog often enjoys himself too…

Today’s dogdawdle, for instance was a brief exploration of the upper bits of Stanhope Dene.

heathery burn

We parked the knipemobile in the County Council free car park at Park Head and wandered down the old railway incline as far as Heathery Burn (guess what plant grows here…) and thus into Stanhope Dene.

salmon pool

Here, Lucky took the opportunity to fall into the beck – right up to the ears, which remained dry, somehow , and, having a little panic afterwards. He fell into the Stanhope Dene salmon pool. This is a lovely spot, ideal for the scoffing of an egg and tomato butty whilst watching huge salmon jumping up the little waterfalls. This happens, or at least, starts to happen around the end of October/early November should anybody want to get up really close to a jumping fish.

Anyway, Lucky fell in. So, as the sun was hot in this sheltered spot, I ate my banana whilst Lucky luxuriated and dried out in the warm.


I would have gone to the Yorkshire dales, but realised this morning that it was the bank holiday weekend and the Yorkshire Dales aren’t very nice on bank holiday weekends – so I’ll go sometime next week.

Today’s walk finished with a little strollette on the CtoC route – another old railway line, leading back to Park Head.

heathery dog

I wouldn’t normally blog about a routine dog walk, but one of the pics of Lucky is worth sharing, I think….  He’s still doing well, but he seems to have developed a strange phobia about getting into the car. I’m trying to fix this with cheese at the moment – and telling him what a good lad he is for getting into the car.  I haven;t yet mentioned to him that he’s going to be driving the thing quite shortly.



Reifyn said...

Lucky will be a very good driver once he gets used to it.
I do love a bit of heather; that is really lovely country this time of the year.

FellBound said...

Phobia about getting into the car? Please let me know if you solve it. Hyperdog (border collie) has to be lifted in and just cowers in there. At the end of walks I have to get him on a lead before he sees the car or he's likely to be off. No idea why. He almost only goes in it when he's off for a nice walk.

Mike Knipe said...

Reifyn - North Pennine moors are very purple at the moment - they seem more colourful than usual - maybe its because it was a mild winter...?
Fellbound - There seems to be several explanations, including travel sickness, fear of being abandoned - although he doesn't seem to bothered about being left alone for short periods , uncomfortable harness, or maybe he perceived a bit of rough handling. I'm currently using small bits of cheese as a reward for getting in the car, plus praise etc. I'll report on what happens...

Andrew said...

Perhaps Lucky had a bad experience with cars before he arrived in Pieland? Give him the keys and then he will feel more in control of things, and who knows, he may turn out to be as good behind the wheel as Bruno!

Mike Knipe said...

Andrew - seems to have started around last weekend. Maybe the journey to Yorkshire and back was too long - it takes 2+hours to Malham from here, specially when the Dales are chocked with old chaps with hats speeding along at 23 mph (I'm beibg sarcastic here...)
Maybe Lucky doesn't like me swearing and beating the steering wheel in frustration...

Dawn said...

He is a handsome lad is he not, Lucky that is!!:??