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Friday, 15 August 2014

Get Your Fablious Pieblog Exclusive Souvenir T Shirt!



Mike, Our moggle thinks he spies the postman. Or something.


I was so pleased to be asked to be a moggle for these fablious T-shirts with a lovely picture of an old mongrel on the front (pic by martin Banfield, I believe).

I have a small bunch or collection of these marvellous examples of high fashion – a few medium-sized and a few large ones. The one in the picture above is large, obviously.

Note how the moggle’s expensively acquired beer belly has almost completely disappeared.

Here’s a closer view:

fablious  pieblog t-shirt

Each Pieblog T-shirt contains an exclusive motto aka “ a bit of reading” They all say the same thing, so if you buy two you won’t be able to tell the difference unless you have a merlot accident with one of them.

navigating is simple in a pieblog t-shirt

See how our moggle (me) confidently points the way towards the Isle of Man. Navigation whilst wearing our Pieblog T-Shirt can be a  simple matter.

dog training whilst wearing our exclusive t-shirt

Our moggle now demonstrates just how effective dog training can be whilst sporting our exclusive Pieblog T-shirt. This is a real dog by the way, not a moggle. Here we are demonstrating total control whilst gently coaxing the hound to stay with the words “stop bloody wriggling yer little bugger”

You too can own one of the Fablious Exclusive Pieblog T-shirts featuring Bruno the ex-Superdawg. Any profits will go to Mind. ten quid inc P&P. Send me an email and we’ll sort out the details. ( (but its in my profile on this very blog) (I just thought I’d save you the bother of looking it up) (I really like using brackets)



Dawn said...

E mail e mailed.

Mike Knipe said...

Eck... Large ones now sold out.
A few mediums left and there's demand (so far) for four small ones. If I get any further requests for t-shirts, I'll order some more....