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Friday, 21 March 2014

Pictures of Brownber (Made My Life So Wonderful)(Apols to Lily and The Who)

There’ll likely be a bity of a hiatus on the pieblog till I do my next walk – actually, it’s tomorrow, but as it’s a reccy of a guided walk, I won;t write anything about it till I do the walk – which is next week…

Soooooo…. being at a loose end, and avoiding sorting out my laundry etc or dooing anything energetic… For anybody really interested in Brownber Edge (You know who you are!) here’s a few pictures


Picture taken from Dufton Pike – Brownber is the top on the left. We climbed from the valley to the right of it, following the wall.


Same pic, different light


I think this is Brownber Edge! (Its been a long time)


Looking east from Brownber


Tree trunk fossils thingies (there’s a name for these, but it escapes me)


Gritstone edges

high cup nick 

High Cup Nick

I climbed Brownber and Dufton Pike and then over to High Cup Nick on 2 Feb 2007 and it’s a bit of a miracle that the pictures survive – they’re now on their third computer,I think….




Andrew said...

Thank you Mike for this and your PM on the walking forum, it is most appreciated. I take it that you climbed Brownber Hill beside the wall in your third photo or am I getting the route you took mixed up?

Mike Knipe said...

I'm fairly sure we went up by that wall. There looks to be some tracks, but I can't remember the detail. It was a slog but not stupidly steep!

Dawn said...

some nice camping spots by the looks of it Mike.

Reifyn said...

That high cup nick looks like it's red sandstone (but might be a red sunset). When I saw it first I thought about Arizona or even the sandstones in the Orkneys.
I for one would have enjoyed also some photos of the laundry being sorted. Piles of sock and dark-coloured shirts and that would have been an all right post.

Mike Knipe said...

Some quite good camping spots as it happens, dawn - and even a bothy, albeit a bit of a driech spot.
Reifyn - Sunset at High Cup Nick. Its not usually that colour! And neither is my laundry...maybe I could make an art work from my soxandundies.