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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Santa Says – See the Pieblog’s New Virgin Moneygiving Page



Readers should be aware by now that I’m using the pieblog to raise money for Mind between now and Christmas 2014. I have a few schemes and japes in mind which ought to bring in a bit of cash – and all of these will involve people receiving something for something – that is to say, it’s unlikely (although maybe not impossible) that I’ll ever ask for sponsors.

In order to avoid any tangles with the taxman, I’ve set up a Virgin Moneygiving page thingy for people to pay in their spondoolies. And it also means that I don’t accidentally spend the money on pies or brown sauce. Or pickles… 

There’ll be an opportunity to do this shortly (I hope) since I’m about to receive some gear for reviewing and the company involved have agreed to send me two sets of baselayers so that I can review one set and auction the other. (see – you get something for something…)

The score on the door, by the way, so far, is £60 from two pieblog activities.

If anybody does feel like just giving away a bit of cash, you can do that too. In fact,as Santa knows who’s been good and who’s been naughty, the naughty ones could  redeem themselves before Christmas by testing out the giving page’s ability to soak up money. And the good ones could be even gooder by doing the same.  Just a test….  A quid would do…

The relevant page is here

Happy Christmas!



Brian Cowling said...

Commendable. Well done.

Just tweeted your Moneygiving details - facilitated by a link on your Moneygiving Page. Would make sense to those reading tweet if there was a reference to your blog, which it doesn't.

Not that many read my tweets!

Just sayin'


Dawn said...

Fantastic Mike

Mike Knipe said...

Cripes, this is a good start, thanks to naughty Brian and probably not naughty Dawn. And I haven't sold anything yet!

Reifyn said...

Santa sure means business in that picture! I wish there were a dawg disguised as a reindeer—now that would have been perfic! Anyway, I’m very glad you have come up with this idea & hope very much you’ll raise some funds.

Oldmortality said...

I notice you have Two Virgin Moneygiving pages.
Two Virgins. Hmm
There's an idea for a title picture. Do you know any Japanese ladies ?

Mike Knipe said...

Reifyn - Bruno does have a pair of reindeer antlers somewhere - red and sparkly, but he has problems keeping them on. I'll see if I can find them..
OM - Have you been really naughty. I mean really really naughty? Don't hope for absolution from this quarter, you've only yourself to blame. Ta for the dosh. (I think one of the virgins is about to expire btw) Yoko says hi! Actually what she really said was "Eeeeeeeeeee"