Thursday, 28 November 2013

Digital Denbighshire

Something baggable in Denbighshire

Is it all right if I use the word gruntled again? (see previous posts for a definition.)(but for lazy pieblog readers (if there ever was such a thing!) it's the opposite of "disgruntled") (lots of brackets here again by the way) (must try to stop doing this) and the reason for this gruntleness is that I get to put a bit of a plug on the pieblog about Things To Do In Denbighshire. Denbighshire, of course, is where I stop off to bag a Marilyn something on my way to our annual holiday in the far, far West of Wales. It's around about Denbighshire when I get sick of the driving and the dog needs a wee and the wife needs a coffee and a wee. So we stop and me and superdawg wander off for the ticking of something green and lumpy, usually in some beautiful limestone hill country. So I like Denbighshire in particular and Bruno is specially fond of it as well and the wife likes tea shops.
I'll explain more later why I'm even more gruntled than usual about this - but in the meantime, here's an infographic (I learned a new word this week) about Denbighshire with a link to the main website.
The Digital Denbighshire website provides information on attractions and activities in Denbighshire and is pretty easy to use and is self-explanatory...
Enjoy. (I'll shuttup now) (and stop using all those irritating brackets) (brackets are for shelves anyway) 
Click the link at the bottom!

Welcome To Denbighshire - An infographic by the team at


Dawn said...


AlanR said...

I admit i have not done much in deep Den big h shire.
Maybe i should if it makes you gruntled.
I have been toying with doing the Brenig Way which isn't a million earth miles away and routes could be made to include here.

Oldmortality said...

You know, Mike, some local authorities would pay good money (to charity, even) for exposure like that.224

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn - That translates as "ecky thump" in Old Lancashire (OL)
Alan - Denbighshire is god walking country and not too far from Rayner Towers. Nice limestone hills in the middle...
Oldmortality - Eeeee worragoodidea. I wish I'd thought of that. [koff]