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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Being Lost

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A few blogposts ago, I mentioned that I intended to raise charity money for Mind. I think it’s coming together. There’ll likely be a blogpost fairly soon which answers the bloggers dilemma about reviews and honesty and personal gain and what you can do with a blog when interfacing with marketing bods and all that sorta stuff…. and I have plans and plans for Cafe Akto – although I may need some help – anybody available Easter Sunday, armed with cakes, ready for a high (ish) level overnight and the ability to carry volumes of fresh water….?
In the meantime, in support of Mind and trying to understand mental health – here’s a pome from my pal who’s a pote. Its not easy, is it…? I’ve not asked for permission. he might like to comment….  or p’raps not….
Where Am I?
It’s boiling hot and stuffy
I cannot open the windows in Summer
Midges would bite me to death
I lie on my bed
I see two flashing red lights
Is it the tail lights of an aeroplane?
I occasionally see a helicopter outside
Are they coming to take me away?
Am I ill?
I’m supposed to be a member of the community
Living in the community
With the community
But four walls hem me in
Periodically alarms go off
I get woken up at 8 o’clock
Told to go to bed at 12 midnight
I share a kitchen and washing facilities
There’s a shared television room
A shared pool car
I know where I am
I wish I wasn’t here
I wish I was in a normal situation
I wish I was in control
I wish I was in control of where I was

Jules Clare famiss Pote.


Reifyn said...

I was just looking at the MIND website. I know the charity because I've often been to their charity shops, and also they had this office in Penzance where I think they offered certain services like photocopying & faxing. This is what I read on their website: 'Mind is independent - please support us if you can. Mind is a charity. We rely upon donations to continue our work. Our broad base of funding from the public, from trusts and from companies – but NEVER pharmaceutical companies - gives us integrity. It means we can stand up and speak out on the issues that matter. Support Mind to help us keep our independence.'
Anything independent makes me glad it's there—especially if they don't take funding from pharmaceutical companies.
Well, I’m glad you’re supporting them, howsoever you decide to do so.

Mike Knipe said...

Thanks Reifyn. There is a purpose to this.....

Dawn said...

Closer to home than you may realise Mike.

Mike Knipe said...

Dawn - I have close family who've come very close to this. The poem was written in hospital, apparently. This might be more obvious to some than others...

chrissiedixie said...

It's certainly been closer to our home than many people realise.

Mike Knipe said...

Thanks Chrissie - yours and Dawn's short comments make me feel more confident about doing this stuff.

Dawn said...

Yes, I recognised that in the poem.It is part of the institutionalised process. Not a pleasant situation.